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What is biomass?

Biomass fuelled heating systems burn wood pellets, wood chips or logs to power central heating and hot water boilers. The use of biomass in heating systems is beneficial because it uses agricultural, forest, urban and industrial residues and waste, to produce heat and electricity with less effect on the environment than those of fossil fuels.

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Will I need my chimney lining?

When a chimney was designed originally for an open fire it was typical for a fire to burn 12kW of fuel per hour and give nominally 2kW into the room. When a stove is fitted, for every 2kW it gives into the room there is less than 1kW of heat going up the chimney. Thus there is insufficient heating of the clay or stone masonry if a stove is fitted without a lining. In this situation it is typical to have tar condensation and an incorrect draught for the stove to work correctly and efficiently. A chimney lining will also prevent smoke and fumes from your fire from leaking into other rooms of the house.

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What is Gas Safe Register and what has happened to Corgi?

Gas Safe Register is the registration scheme for installers and maintenance engineers dealing with natural gas and LPG appliances within the UK. It replaced the previous system run by CORGI as of 1 April 2009. Corgi is still the governing body and provides support and technical guidance to both installers and home owners.

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