There are three main types of boiler available which are combi, conventional and system boilers which can be fueled by oil, natural gas or LPG. Each boiler type has a suitable application depending on property size and hot water requirement.

Boilers are available in a selection of sizes with some boilers able to produce instant hot water as well as central heating which are called combination (combi) boilers and are quite widely used in moderately sized properties with one or two bathrooms. Heat only and system boilers are generally used for larger type properties and normally incorporate a stored hot water cylinder in the system which can adequately supply hot water to several bathrooms simultaneously.

Vertechs stove & Heating Centre provides boilers from all of the major manufacturers, we also design and install heating systems and controls to complement boiler installations, please see our central heating page for details.

Vertechs are qualified to install a range of fuel types for boilers which include natural gas / LPG, Oil, Solid fuel and Air Source Heat Pumps. Whatever your Heating requirements please contact Vertechs to arrange a free site survey and estimate.

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Natural gas is generally available in towns and built up areas and the LPG versions cater for the more rural properties which are situated off the mains gas grid. Both fuel types have very high efficiencies and are a cost effective heating solution for a wide variety of properties. They are small in size and are often installed in kitchen units and small cupboards, they are available with many flue options.

Gas boiler

LPG boiler

LPG boiler

Oil boilers

Boilers which are fuelled by oil are mainly found in more rural locations which do not have access to mains gas. The fuel required to run an oil boiler is stored in an oil storage tank on the property and is supplied through small bore pipework to the boiler location. In addition to the internal type of boiler these have the option to be sited externally. They are available in combi and non-combi models and have a vast amount of flue options which provides a siting solution for virtually any property

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Solid fuel

This boiler type is suitable for properties on and off the mains gas grid and is preferred by people who like to use the solid fuel fire whilst generating free hot water and central heating. Solid fuel boilers require a well designed chimney to operate effectively and are often fitted into a chimney breast in the lounge or kitchen. They can effectively heat moderately sized properties with up to 20 radiators.

Dunsley highlander 10 boiler

Air source heat pumps

Air source heat pumps have been available for a number of years now and are becoming more accepted as a viable heating solution for properties. They are fuelled using the electricity supply for the property, are very easy to use whilst being very efficient. Once the unit is installed and set up it will provide adequate hot water and heating. Heat pumps work well with radiators and are exceptional when coupled with underfloor heating circuits in well insulated homes. The units are sited externally to the property and require no flue or chimney.

Air source heat pumps