How do Underfloor Heating Systems work and what are the benefits?

Underfloor Heating can be installed to run alongside your current central heating system and are appropriately named Hot Water Underfloor Heating Systems or Wet Underfloor Heating Systems.

Warm water is circulated through pipes that are installed underneath the floor which creates an ample supply of heat to be transferred through the flooring to the whole room above. This integration into the very fabric of the building creates a harmony of form and function that puts every square centimetre of floor and wall space to practical use; proving it is an energy efficient heating solution.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating Systems:

  • Operate at lower temperatures = increases boiler efficiency and reduces running costs.
  • Large heat emitting area = sufficient warmth provided with no need for supplementary heating.
  • Heat distributed more evenly than radiator systems increasing user comfort.
  • Heating from floor upwards harnesses the basic principles of physics to create a better standard of comfort = uses less energy.
  • Main components are hidden except for the room thermostat.
  • Design freedom = no radiators to decorate or arrange your furniture around.
  • Underfloor Heating Systems on average generate temperatures of 40°C – 65°C meaning that the actual floor temperature will be on average between 23°C – 32°C. This also means that Hot Water Underfloor Heating Systems heat water to a lower temperature than radiators, which is more economic yet just as efficient for the entire household.
  • Underfloor heating is generally associated with stone or tiled floors, however it can be fitted under carpet, although you must ensure that the carpet and underlay is not too dense to stop the heat moving upwards (General rule of thumb; tog of no more than 1.5).
  • Best suited to refurbishments and new build developments as the floor can be designed to hold the pipework and be adequately insulated to ensure the heating does not escape downwards.
  • Perfect for heating areas with high ceilings such as galleries and atriums. It’s easy to see why 80% of Swiss and 35% of German new build properties choose underfloor heating.

We offer free advice and would be happy to discuss your needs to see if underfloor heating is a suitable heating option for you and your home;