Why use Smart Heating Controls?

This technology enables you to maximise the time your heating is switched off, only switching it on when required; save money and energy.

  • Is your heat blasting out in your sitting room at 6am when no-one will actually be using the room until later that day?
  • Is your bedroom warm and cosy at 7pm when you are actually downstairs having dinner?
  • Do you arrive home from holiday to a cold house?

With smart heating controls you have the ability to use your smartphone app or central control panel to set and adjust temperatures for each room in the house from anywhere in the world providing you have internet connection.

Honeywell Logo

Honeywell provide a wireless heating system that connects to your existing boiler and radiators allowing you to control individual radiators and therefore specific rooms by using a central controller or smartphone app.

Your device allows independent automatic temperature control – the occupied areas of your home can be set to a comfortable temperature whilst the unused areas remain at a reduced temperature; giving you maximum comfort combined with maximum energy saving. Please contact us for more information.

JG Speedfit Aura logo

The JG Aura is the new heating control concept from JG Speedfit, allowing for a more flexible and efficient remote regulation of your underfloor and central heating system as well as individual radiator control. The thermostats can be battery powered or wireless thermostats can be mains power supplied for greater convenience. Please contact us for more information.

We would love to hear from you; we offer free advice and would be happy to discuss your needs to see which Smart Heating Controls are most suitable for you and your home;