Product Description

Our aqua stoves have been specially developed for use in low-energy buildings

The stove glass is specially sealed, significantly reducing radiated heat in the room. The beautiful flame presentation and high 87% efficiency reflects the innovative development work.

Give free rein to your imagination and exploit what they have to offer. The Scan-Line 800 aqua series comes with a safety valve for connection to existing systems. When connecting the stove, please ensure it has the ideal circulation pump flow rate of 140 litres/hour and that the existing system is equipped with a safety valve which activates if the water pressure exceeds 2.5 bar.

The optional aqua kit prevents corrosion in the heat exchan­ger, as the return flow temperature is increased via the thermal three-way valve (bypass). The continual adjustment of a constant return water temperature ensures smooth combustion and optimal energy utilisation.

The aqua kit is an optional extra and is not included in the stove price.

All the models in the Scan-Line 820 range are available with a ceramic surface and there are 42 ceramic colours to choose from. This provides you with a unique opportunity to adapt the stove to bring a personal touch to your home interior.

Kaufmann ceramic options

Kaufmann ceramic options

Color options