Product Description

The Highlander 8 Woodburning Multifuel stove is fitted with a fully integral boiler for central heating, capable of running up to five average sized radiators, plus domestic hot water as well as providing heat into the room. The boiler output is controlled by a Thermostat control knob on the stove, and manufactured to the same high standard that Dunsley have maintained for the past 60 years.

Points of note

  • The grate mechanism can be adjusted for burning wood or other solid fuels.
  • The Highlander 8 is available with black, brass or polished steel knobs and is finished in black paint.
  • The Highlander 8 CH is available only with a top flue connection.
  • Large capacity ash pan.
  • Output, burning ancit
  • Output to water, 7.7kw (26,272 BTUs)
  • Output to room, 3.8kw (12,965 BTUs)
  • Output burning logs
  • Output to water, 5.8kw (19,789 BTUs)
  • Output to room, 3.9kw (13,306 BTUs)
  • Height, 645mm
  • Width, 605mm
  • Depth, 385mm
  • Flue size, 6”
  • Fuel type, multifuel